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Components covered under your Honda/Acura Care Service Contract.

Example Honda Care contract.

• Cylinder Block
• Crankshaft
• Main Caps
• Main Bearings
• Pistons and Pins
• Piston Rings
• Connecting Rods and Caps
• Rod Bearings
• Cam Shaft(s)
• Cam Bearings
• Timing/Balance Shaft Belts (for failure only)
• Timing Gears
• Timing Belt Tensioners and Bearings
• Timing Belt Cover
• Water Pump and Pulley
• Oil Pump Oil Pan
• Cylinder Head(s)
• Valve Covers
• Rocker Arms and
Adjusting Screws
• Rocker Shafts
• Rocker Bushings
• Intake and Exhaust Valves
• Valve Springs
• Valve Retainers
• Valve Guides and Seals
• Pushrods
• Lifters
• Followers
• Engine Mounts
• Intake Manifold
• Exhaust Manifolds
• Oil Pressure Switch
• Serpentine BeltTensioner
• Seals/Gaskets for the above stated parts

• Compressor
• Compressor Clutch & Pulley
• Field Coil
• Condenser
• Condenser Fan
• Evaporator Core
• Receiver Drier
• Accumulator
• Metal Refrigerant Lines
• 0-Ring Seals
• Idler Pulley and Bearing
• Temperature Control Unit
• Heater Control Cables
• NC Blower Motor
• Blower Motor Resistor Heater Core

• Drive Lines
• Constant Velocity Joints and Boots
• Hub Bearings
• Axle Bearings
• Seals/Gaskets for theabove stated parts

• Genuine Honda Electronic/Audio Accessories
• Factory-Installed Navigational and Security Systems

• ABS Switch
• ABS Wheel Sensors
• Master Cylinder
• Vacuum Assist Booster
• Check Valve
• Disc Brake Calipers
• Wheel Cylinders
• Compensating Valve
• Hydraulic Brake Hard
• Lines and Fittings
• Parking Brake
• Lever Assembly
• Parking Brake
• Linkage and Cables
• Self Adjusters
• Springs
• ABS Modulator
• Brake Accumulator
• Dust Shields
• Backing Plates

• ABS Electronic Control Unit
• ABS Pump

• Radiator
• Thermostat and Housing
• Coolant Temperature Switch
• Radiator Cooling Fan Motor
• Cooling Fan Blade
• Cooling Fan Shroud
• Cooling Fan Switch
• Cooling Fan Relay
• Cooling Fan Timer
• Cooling Fan Clutch
• Coolant Recovery Tank
• Seals/Gaskets for above stated parts

• Carburetor
• Throttle Body
• Throttle Cable
• Fuel Delivery Pump Relay
• Fuel Injectors
• Fuel Distributor
• Fuel-Injection Pump
• Anti-Detonation Sensors
• Computerized Mixture Control Unit and Sensors
• Fuel Tank and Sending Unit
• Metal Fuel Delivery Lines
• Seals/Gaskets for the above stated parts

• Starter
• Alternator
• Voltage Regulator
• Insight Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
• Front or Rear Windshield Wiper Motor
• Front or Rear Windshield Wiper Washer Unit
• Power Window Motor and Regulator
• Starter Motor
• Starter Solenoid
• Mileage Computer
• Wiring Harnesses
• Manually Operated Switches
• Electrically Operated Switches
• Distributor
• Igniter
• Ignition Coil
• Electronic Combination Entry System
• Computerized Timing
• Control Unit and Sensors
• Sunroof Motor
• Power Seat Motor(s)
• Antenna Motor and Mast
• Power Door
• Lock Actuators
• Rear Window Defogger
• Factory•Installed Anti•Theft System
• Horns
• Digital or Analog Instrument Cluster
• Electrical Motors and Control Units

• Window Regulators
• Window Run Channels
• Seat Tracks
• Door Latch Assembly
• Lock Cylinders

• Dfferential Housing and all internally lubricated parts
• Axle Shafts
• Axle Bearings Seals/Gaskets for above stated parts

• Transmission Control Module
• Lockup Control
• Solenoid
• Shift Control Solenoid
• Shift Interlock System
• Shift Cable
• Throttle Pressure Control Cables
• Vacuum Modulator
• Transmission Case and all internally lubricated parts
• Torque Converter
• Flexplate
• Transmission Mount(s)
• Oil Pan
• Seals/Gaskets for above stated parts

• Shift Cables
• Transmission Case and all internally lubricated parts
• Flywheel
• Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
• Pilot Bearing
• Transmission Mount(s)
• Seals/Gaskets for above stated parts

• Upper and Lower Control Arms
• Control Arm Shafts and Bushings
• Upper and Lower Ball Joints
• Stabilizer Bar, Links and Bushings
• Coil Springs
• Spindles
• Wheel Bearings
• MacPherson Strut Assembly
• Shock Absorbers

• Steering Column
• Steering Gear Box
• Rack & Pinion Housing and all internally lubricated parts
• Power Steering Pump & Pulley
• Inner and Outer Tie•Rod Ends
• Tie•Rod Adjusting Sleeves
• Seals/Gaskets for above stated parts

• SRS Control Unit
• SRS Cable Reel


What is not covered by Honda/Acura Care:

Parts other than genuine HONDA or AMERICAN HONDA authorized parts; wiper blades, battery (except for the nickel-metal hydride battery in hybrid vehicles); cables; belts; hoses; timing belt replacement when performed as routine maintenance: exhaust system, catalytic converter; brake system wear items such as drums/rotors, shoes/pads; clutch disc, pressure plate; throw out bearing, external shift linkages; glass, mirror glass, body parts; body structure, panels; bright metal; sheet metal; paint; bumpers; moldings; lenses; bulbs (except for dashboard bulbs); sealed beams; fuses; weather-strips (except for window run channels); outside ornamentation; wheel covers/ornaments; rims: studs; fastening/securing hardware; body seals; squeaks, rattles; buttons; carpet; dash pad; window handles; knobs; rearview mirror; trim; upholstery; electronic/audio accessories and cellular telephones other than AMERICAN HONDA AUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC/AUDIO ACCESSORIES; tires; seat belts; airbag(s), and the Safety Restraint System (except for the SRS control unit and cable reel.)


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